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Why Kasper Counseling?

Emily Kasper, LPC, LMHC is a youth mental health specialist, with training in parenting and child development. Before starting her own practice she worked for the Child Advocacy Center in Gainesville, FL and a Head Start program in Sarasota, FL. Emily has first-hand experience working with children and their parents to grow together through all of life’s mental health challenges growing up including trauma, developmental expectations, parenting support, attachment, anxiety, OCD, and emotional regulation.

Education and Training

Emily Received her Masters and Specialist degree from the University of Florida. Emily is passionate about helping young children, teens and families to be the best versions of themselves. Emily is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Colorado and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in Florida.

Emily works from a child centered lens, and specializes in Play therapy. The language of children is play and it is our job as adults to help teach children the way they are able to learn. Play is a wonderful medium to meet a child at their developmental stage, and play therapy teaches children to label and process their feelings and traumas.

Emily is trained in Circle of Security Parenting, which is an 8 week program helping parents to better understand and meet their Childs’ attachment needs, and helps to create a secure attachment between caregivers and children. Decades of attachment research has indicated that a secure relationship between caregiver and child is shown to be correlated with increased ability to trust, follow directives, emotionally regulate, increased self esteem, and success in life and relationships.